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Your Year-Round Guide to Ohio’s Stinging Insects

Ohio is no stranger to stinging insects. These pests are not only troublesome, but they can also be hard to eradicate if they multiply. If you’ve been a long-term resident, you’ve probably noticed that some types are more prevalent during certain months than others.
In order for you to prevent these menacing insects from entering your home and workplace, it’s extremely important for you to ensure that you take adequate preventative measures. Stings are all kinds of painful, so protect yourself and your family by educating yourself about these insects.
Here’s your year-round guide to Ohio’s stinging insects:
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Pest-Proof Your Home This Winter With These Easy Steps

Winter is in full swing, and while that may mean fewer bees and ants, there are still countless pests from whom winter is extremely busy!

When Christmas arrives, you’re probably going to have family and friends over to celebrate the special occasion, and the last thing you want is a house full of pests when they arrive.

Pests create an unhygienic living environment. Moreover, they are also hard to eradicate once they multiply. Here’s how you can pest-proof your home this winter in a few easy steps:
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