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How to Defend Your Property from Pests: A Complete Guide

Urban insects can become an absolute nuisance if not dealt with properly. Sometimes, a slight callousness like leaving a crevice or door open can give you various pest colonies to handle. We love our homes as they are, but are we caring enough for them? Scroll down to explore some ways you can defend your property from lingering pests and bugs, and find out what to do for pest control in Cambridge OH:

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Do Pests Lower Their Home’s Value?

A termite colony found during termite inspection Columbus OH

It takes savings of a lifetime to build a home. Our homes are our peace hubs and quiet retreats. Not only our money, but each crevice of our house takes so much of our time and attention. We have so much at stake when it comes to our homes. The last thing we want is a pest infestation ruining them and deteriorating property value. Let’s walk through how pest infestations take our property value down.

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Ready to Fight but Afraid the Bed Bugs Will Bite? Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Treatment

A person sleeping in bed


“Sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite.”  But with a bed infested with pesky little bed bugs, this might just not be an option for you!

Your nights are spent tossing and turning and itching, and the days bring fatigue and drowsiness and let’s not forget itchy bumps and scratches.

These bed bug infestations don’t just suck on your blood and cause bites, but they could impact your health and lead to medical conditions, such as anemia.  A bed bug infestation can cause stress and constant fear of something crawling all over you. 

An immediate bed bug treatment is the only way to get rid of these blood sucking insects and the fear caused by them. 

In this blog, we’ll ease your fears by briefing you about bed bugs and how you can keep yourself safe from them. 

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, blood sucking parasites. They survive by feeding off of human and animal blood. They’re reddish brown and travel by latching themselves onto clothes; furniture, etc. 

bed bugs might be the reason behind poor quality sleep


It’s one of the most common infestations, with statistics showing that 1 in every 5 households report bed bug infestations every year. It was also found that during the rise of the pandemic in 2020, bed bug cases were reported in all the 50 states.

What Are Bed Bugs Attracted to?

Bed bugs survive on the blood of warm-blooded creatures, which is why they are so attracted to you. Here are some things that bed bugs are attracted to:

  1.     Carbon Dioxide

As mentioned above, bed bugs are attracted to humans, one of the reasons being we exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide serves as an indicator and signifies a potential prey for these pesky little creatures. Bed bugs attack more in the night because the carbon dioxide concentration is highest when we’re asleep.

  1.     Body Warmth

Another factor that attracts bed bugs toward us is our warmth. Especially at night, our body radiates warmth despite the chill of the Air Conditioner.

  1. Dirty Laundry and Clothes

Our soiled clothes feature a distinct human odor that’s just triggers the host-seeking behavior in bed bugs. This is also one of the reasons as to why bed bugs latch themselves onto our clothes and are easily transmitted from place to place.

Despite all the precautions and preventions you can take, the possibility of getting rid of these annoying pests is slim. Therefore, you will need bed bug treatment or pest control services. Contact the experts in Columbus, Xterminator Pest Control for licensed bed bug treatment at (614) 935-3973

5 Effective Ways to Keep Bugs from Bugging You

Termites in the wild hunting for food

Whether it’s termites or bed bugs, most people can universally agree that insects don’t belong in a home. Not only do they create unsanitary living conditions, but they’re also irritating and a hassle to deal with for homeowners. Preventing bugs from entering your home can be a challenging task. After all, research from the Smithsonian University suggests there are approximately ten quintillion insects alive today, a number so large most of us can’t even comprehend it.

While it may not be possible to eliminate bugs, you can adopt preventative pest control measures to help you keep your home bug-free. 


Keeping Bugs Out of Your Home

There are several ways homeowners can ensure their homes remain free of bug infestations. These include:

Sealing Doors

Sealed doors can keep unwanted intruders like bugs out of your home. Many doors often have a small gap underneath their base, allowing for insects to sneak in. Sealing this gap by installing a steel or aluminum threshold underneath the door can help keep your home bug-free. In addition, you can also combine this with a door sweep for added protection.

Similarly, we recommend applying a door-seal kit or weather-stripping to the perimeter of the door’s frame to prevent bugs from entering through the top and the sides of the door. However, these methods won’t work if you don’t close your door, which is why we also recommend installing a hydraulic door closer. 

Adding Screens to Your Windows

Many homeowners rely on natural ventilation, especially during the summers, opening the windows to allow air circulation. Unfortunately, opening windows also means giving bugs and other insects an open invitation to entering your home. We recommend you consider installing screens to keep bugs out of your home.

Fix Any Cracks

Most bugs can enter your home through the tiniest of cracks, given their minuscule size. Therefore, fixing any gaps in your doors and windows is crucial to keeping your home bug-free. Start by assessing the exterior of your home to identify any holes in the foundation. Ensure that you also look for loose bricks and rotten wood because their decaying nature can make your home vulnerable to bugs. We recommend using mortar or cement for fixing foundational cracks, while the caulk is a quick and cost-effective way to address any minor openings.

Dispose of Trash

Properly disposing of trash is also vital to keeping your home bug-free. Trash sitting idly in your home can be a feasting ground for many pests. We recommend keeping food trash in the kitchen and not dispersed throughout your home. In addition, using compost bins can help secure your trash until you empty it. Daily emptying of the trash is a solid practice to keeping your home clean and preventing trash from piling up.

Sealing Pipe Penetrations

Most homeowners have dealt with utility installations at least once in their lives. Most professional installers will often ensure that they seal the penetrations around the pipes with caulk or sealants. However, some installers neglect to do so, resulting in openings forming for pests to enter your home. We recommend checking the piping inside and outside your home to ensure no gaps exist for pests to crawl through into your home. Sealing these gaps with some caulk or sealants can secure your home from bugs.


Bugs on a windowsill

Dealing with a Bug Infestation

If your home has a bug infestation, you need to hire a pest control company to get rid of them. Homeowners in Ohio can rely on Xterminator Pest Control to keep their homes bug-free. We are a professional pest control company offering our services to residential and commercial clients. We help homeowners by providing various pest control services, ranging from termite control to bed bug removal.   

Contact us today to get your bug problems sorted.

5 Different Pests and How to Avoid Them

a pest exterminator in yellow PPE showing a spray bottle to the camera



Pests can harbor in the nooks and crooks of your house or office, and removing them can be challenging. An average household can be home to more than 100 different bugs

If you’ve never had a pest problem, you should count your blessings. If, however, you haven’t been so lucky, you definitely should read this guide to prevent it from happening again.

Five Common Pests

Some of the common pests are mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, and termites. Cockroaches are the most common pests. They can easily spread viruses like salmonella and hepatitis and contaminate the food, fabric, and paper. 

Mice can easily enter and damage your property. You can spot them if you come across their droppings, which could either look like rice or huge coffee grounds. Mice chew and urinate on things like your clothes and rugs. Their waste also spreads diseases. 

Rats, on the other hand, are bigger than mice and easy to spot if you see them running across your lounge or yard. They also transmit diseases and use their teeth to gnaw at wood and wires, and other things that may be expensive to replace.

Ants are pretty easy to spot as they are everywhere once they manage to find their way into a home. They’re mostly found near a water or food source. Termites, however, are the hardest to notice as they’re not found on the surface. They live off of the timber used to build the structure of your abode. If you’re unable to catch them fast, they can spread easily because they lay hundreds of eggs in one day. 

How to Catch and Prevent These Pests?

You can prevent many pest infestations by ensuring all your food and water is stored in airtight containers, and no crumbs are left anywhere. Cockroaches can be removed by spraying everywhere or using gel bait, and their resurgence can be prevented by putting traps everywhere. 

To catch mice and rats, rodent control is the immediate solution. You can also lay traps for mice and rats. 

Ants also feed on anything they can find in your kitchen, so the best prevention is to keep your kitchen clean. Any cracks can cause the ants to enter and find some sticky leftover food to feed on, so you need to wipe all surfaces clean and close off the entry points. Plantings near the edge of your property can also attract ants, so you might want to remove those too.



a clean kitchen with white furniture

Darkened wood, blistering or tunneling is a sign that you have termites living with you. They can not be prevented if you don’t ensure the place you’re renting or buying has well-ventilated timber, as moisture builds a home for termites. However, termites can only be removed by hiring pest control services.

Call the Experts

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get rid of these annoying infestations, it’s time to hire your nearest pest control services. Xterminator has a treatment plan for any type of pest infestation, from bed bug treatment to termite treatment plans

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