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Pest Defense for New Homes

Congratulations! You’ve finally bought your own house!

Now you’re planning to host a housewarming party and you’re going to invite all of your close family and friends. There’s going to be music, games, drinks and food; it’s going to be the perfect start to the new phase of your life! Continue reading

Pests That Get Mistaken For Bed Bugs

Have you ever seen a bug in your home that you weren’t sure if it was a bed bug or not? If you have, then you’re not alone.

Identifying a bed bug can be difficult, especially because of the many doppelgangers out there that look so alike. But if you want to keep your bed free from bed bugs and your house safe from pests, knowing which bugs are getting comfortable in your home can be important. Continue reading

3 Ways Flies Take Away Your Peace of Mind

It’s 3 AM. Your eyelids are drooping as sleep tries to takeover. You’ve got an assignment due at 6 AM and more than half of it is left. You’re on the verge of crying your eyes out. In the midst of all this panic, the last thing you’d want is a fly buzzing in and out of your ear. You try and hit it with your notebook and thankfully, the nuisance goes away for a few seconds. And it comes back. The cycle repeats itself throughout the night. Continue reading