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When you need an exterminator contact Xterminator Pest Control in Zanesville, OH. We provide termite services and pest control Columbus, Newark, Lancaster and Cambridge, OH. People choose Xterminator Pest Control because our professional (and affordable!) pest control services have remained the industry standard. We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you with whatever services you desire from commercial pest control, no tent termite treatment to residential pest control.

Our goal remains the same..

‘We provide cost effective programs to ensure quality, safety, and the best customer satisfaction rate in the pest control industry’.

When you need an exterminator, contact Xterminator Pest Control because we have the knowledge and experience to get rid of pests in your home or business. Every type of pest requires a different method of extermination. From rodents, ants, spiders, bed bugs to termite treatment and prevention, our knowledgeable pest control experts will analyze and provide you the best method of removal. We also specialize in keeping bugs out with pest control treatment plans.
Contact Xterminator Pest Control in Cambridge, OH at (614) 935-3973 or Zanesville at (740) 454-8000.